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A modeling or acting career can be extremely rewarding if you're truly dedicated to the job. Not everyone is skilled enough to get a leading role in a movie, or open a runway show and become an overnight phenomenon. Hence, if that's what you want to do, you must know that commitment is so important in the entertainment business.

Prior to becoming an actor, it's really important to know how to act. You may want to get to Hollywood as soon as possible, but you need to be good if you want to succeed. It is recommended that you go to acting school, test your abilities, and really prove the career fits you. On the other hand, if you're interested in pursuing a modeling career, you need to learn how to walk first.

Modeling and acting are two careers that go hand in hand. Talent, good looks, and ambition are required for both. However, agents and producers are often looking for that special something in people who audition. It's really important to let your personality outshine you. Models and actors are open-minded individuals -- they like to make an impression and prove to the world they have what it takes to be famous.

Stardom is not something that can be achieved over night. Although famous models like Kate Moss and Tyra Banks were discovered on the street, that's not enough. In this career you cannot rely on luck. The acting and the modeling industry are filled with trivial people and that's why you need to set yourself apart from the competition.

Strive for success, don't back down, and always be open to constructive criticism. A lot of aspiring actors give up immediately after they've been rejected. Don't do that! Don't let anyone bring you down, because you know better than anyone how talented you are.